By MSFA Committee Chair Richard Snader
May 31, 2017

New This year at the Convention! Join MFRI on the Beach behind the Fire Fighter Memorial (2-12 N. Atlantic Ave.) in Ocean City and learn how to stop the bleed! Please Download the attached PDF, and Png pictures and put them up in your station, your community, and please post them to your facebook and Twitter Timelines! This training can save a life!

Attachment MFRI_StopTheBleed_OC_5x7 flyer.pdf  (413k)
Attachment MFRI_StopTheBleed_OC_5x7 flyer_map.pdf  (378k)
Attachment MFRI_StopTheBleed_OC_8.5x11 flyer.pdf  (615k)
Attachment MFRI_StopTheBleed_OC_8.5x11 flyer_map.pdf  (559k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Facebook App.png  (164k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Facebook App_Map.png  (225k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Instagram.png  (434k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Instagram_Map.png  (480k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Twitter.png  (221k)
Attachment Stop the Bleed_OC_Twitter_Map.png  (269k)