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Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department

February 24, 2018
Singerly Fire Company

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Midland Volunteer Fire Deparment #1

June 17, 2018
Ocean City

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Ocean City

December 14, 2017
Breakfast with Santa
December 13, 2017
Frederick County MD Vacancy Announcement
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
Lunch with Santa
December 12, 2017
Update on Captain Sander B. Cohen, Rockville VFD
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December 17, 2017
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December 18, 2017
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December 19, 2017
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December 20, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Wheaton VRS @ Wheaton Moose Lodge
December 21, 2017
St. Mary's County Fire Board Assn
Public Safety Bldg. Leonardtown
December 21, 2017
Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Assn.
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Fire Prevention & Life Safety Committee

Fire Prevention and Life Safety Tip Sheets

Home Escape Plan | Home Fire Prevention

Space Heater Safety | Senior Safety

The MSFA Fire & Injury Prevention and Life Safety Committee membership consists of at least nine members, three to be named each year for terms of three years.

Duties and Responsibilities
The committee shall develop and promote a statewide year-round fire and life safety prevention program. The program shall be planned and promoted to inform the people of Maryland of all age groups. The program shall be developed and carried forward in cooperation with the Director of the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute and the State Fire Marshal, who will serve as technical advisors to the committee. The committee may enlist the aid of any interested organization, group or individuals at the discretion of the Fire & Injury Prevention and Life Safety Committee or at the direction of the Executive Committee. The committee shall furnish a written report at each meeting of the Executive Committee, and it shall present a complete report of committee activities during the year to the delegates assembled at the annual convention and conference of the MSFA. The committee shall maintain a liaison between the Governor’s Fire Prevention Conference and the MSFA.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

  • Promote fire & injury prevention and life safety education throughout the year.
  • Have a fire & injury prevention display at all MSFA functions throughout the state and at all Executive Committee meetings. 
  • The message on display should change at each meeting.
  • Develop and promote a watch program.
  • Coordinate with each county or regional association that has a safety house and develop a partnership and assist in displaying these safety houses.
  • Develop, produce and distribute written and media materials that include fire & injury prevention messages to include: posters, bill boards, web based materials and other formats that promote fire & injury prevention and life safety messages in local communities and statewide.

Smoke Alarms
The MSFA Fire & Injury Prevention Committee would like to remind each company to make sure they have smoke alarms available to give to citizens. We recommend that companies contact their local hardware stores to try to get a discounted price on the smoke alarms. When a citizen asks for a smoke alarm a member of the fire company should install the smoke alarm for them. The citizen should sign a release form after the smoke alarm has been properly installed

Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarms
The MSFA Fire & Injury Prevention Committee would like to remind each company that hearing-impaired smoke alarms are available for citizens. To obtain a hearing-impaired smoke alarms for a citizen just contact any member of the MSFA Fire Prevention Committee.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms
The MSFA Fire & Injury Prevention Committee would like to remind each company to make sure they have carbon monoxide alarms available to give to citizens. We recommend that companies contact their local hardware stores to try to get a discounted price on the smoke alarms. When a citizen asks for a carbon monoxide alarm a member of the fire company should install the carbon monoxide alarm for them. The citizen should sign a release form after the carbon monoxide alarm has been properly installed.

911 Simulator
A 911 Simulator is available for companies to use at open houses, in classrooms, etc. Contact Allen Ryan to obtain the 911 Simulator.


NFPA Podcast - The Survivors -                            

Every day seven people die from American home fires, and another 13,000 are injured each year. These statistics, while important, are only a small piece of America's complex home fire problem. 

There are ripple effects to fire that the statistics don’t explain and the nightly news rarely covers. Once a home’s flames have been extinguished and TV reporters have turned their gaze elsewhere, there are real people left in a fire’s wake. Who are these people? What is their new normal, now that their lives have been forever transitioned by tragedy? We are about to give you a powerful look at the lingering effects of fire in America.

The National Fire Protection Association presents The Survivors, a multi-part podcast series that takes an extensive look at Wyoming resident Feike van Dijk, his wife Noelle, and their family. In 2014, they experienced the unthinkable when a home fire killed two of their children. The podcast showcases the lifelong toll fire has taken on this family and the people responsible for burn treatment and recovery in America. Weaving in perspectives from the fire service and America’s top safety advocates, this series showcases why Feike’s experience isn’t an anomaly. You’ll also learn about a proven technology that can significantly reduce fire death and injury at home, and the powerful forces spending millions of dollars to keep it out of there.

For photos and safety tips relevant to each episode, please visit the episode pages.

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Maryland Risk Watch Subcommittee:

The MSFA Fire & Injury Prevention and Life Safety Committee is a lead member of the Maryland Risk Watch Community that includes 15 communities with RISK WATCH® programs in community safety education, school classrooms, after school programs, home schooling programs, hospital prevention programs, and Safe Kids Coalitions. The RISK WATCH® curriculum includes fire and injury prevention and disaster preparedness educational resources that are targeting children from preschool through eighth grade. Maryland's Risk Watch work includes activities and programs for both children and youth merging prevention materials from American Trauma Society, Department of Natural Resources, FEMA Ready, NFPA, Poison Center, and Safe Kids Worldwide. Unique to Maryland's Risk Watch initiatives is the implementation includes a special focus on children with special learning and health care needs in Prince George’s County. The Emergency Medical Services for Children program at MIEMSS is the lead agency coordinating this ongoing program. Ongoing Risk Watch programs include:

1. Prevention training and resource sharing at MSFA Committee meetings each year

2. Prevention & Life Safety educational display at four MSFA Executive Committee meetings each year

3. Interactive prevention educational displays for children, youth and families during the annual MSFA Convention with outreach to youth members to assist with the education.

4. Participation in Safe Kids Maryland and seven local coalition meetings and activities throughout the year.

5. Dissemination of training DVD "What to Expect When you Dial 9-1-1" and “Right Care When It Counts”

6. Development of media and training materials specific to injury risk areas

We would like to expand this unique program into other communities. The team maintains curriculum and training resources for new communities. Contact a subcommittee member for more information at

The 2016 Convention was a great success and we have already started to plan for 2017.

Volunteer at the 2017 Convention and joint the fun!  ON LINE registration will be open May 1, 2017 – search under Maryland Risk Watch.

Maryland Life Safety Information Exchange

Safe Kids Worldwide and our Safe Kids Maryland Coalitions
partner with Nationwide Insurance
to announce.
Nationwide is launching a new safety observance to educate families about the
importance of creating and practicing a home fire drill.
October 15 is Home Fire Drill Day
We want coalitions and their partners to increase awareness about fire safety
and educate parents and caregivers about the importance of creating a home
fire escape plan with their family and practicing a home fire drill twice a year to
ensure everyone know what to do in the event of a fire at home.


To learn more about home fire drill day, visit 




In order to support the fire and life safety educational efforts of local fire companies, the MSFA in partnership with the Office of the State Fire Marshal is continuing the Public Fire and Life Safety Education Grant Program. This program is designed to provide assistance to MSFA member companies by providing funding assistance in the form of fire prevention publications and supplies for the development, continuation or enhancement of local public fire and life safety education efforts. It is recognized, effective public and life safety programs are one of the best ways to protect citizens and firefighters from injury and death caused by fire or other traumatic incidents.
Under the Public Fire and Life Safety Education Grant Program, MSFA member companies will be able to receive this funding support for the purchase of printed materials and other approved educational resource materials. Funding support will be awarded on a completive basis. Purchases made prior to being awarded funding will not be considered as part of the grant process. Purchases of products are to be made after monies are provided through the MSFA.



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