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Guidelines for Loans and Grants from the Volunteer Company Assistance Fund
General Information – “What” is the Volunteer Company Assistance Fund (VCAF):
  • The VCAF is a loan and grant service provided by the State of Maryland, and administered by the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) and the Maryland Military Department for the purpose of assisting volunteer ambulance, fire, or rescue companies located in the State of Maryland with purchasing, replacing or improving firefighting and rescue equipment and facilities used to house firefighting equipment.

  • VCAF loans are currently issued at 1% with varying terms based on whether the loan is for equipment or a facility. The loan and grant process is simple and fast, and provides a great opportunity for MSFA member companies, volunteer ambulance, fire, or rescue companies to modernize their equipment and/or a facility.

General Information – “Who” can help your Company with the VCAF process:

  • Your VCAF Representative. VCAF representatives cover every County in the State of Maryland and are ready to assist your company work through the loan and grant process – they are your company’s liaison to the VCAF committee.

General Information – Plan, Plan, Plan:

  • It is critical that your company talk with their VCAF representative as soon as they are thinking about starting an equipment or facility project.  Lack of planning and VCAF committee involvement can cost your company the opportunity to obtain a VCAF loan and/or grant.

  • Your company must know what they are buying or building and when they plan to take delivery of the equipment or ownership of the facility. The company’s administration should consider beginning the VCAF loan or grant process by:

  1. Establishing a committee to determine the equipment or facility specification – what they want and more importantly what the company really requires to provide adequate fire, EMS and rescue services
  2. Identifying vendors or builders that are qualified to supply or refurbish the equipment, or build/improve the facility
  3. Refining specifications to ensure your company is going to get what they expect and that the vendors/builders can provide “apples-for-apples” proposals, and
  4. Working with the vendors/builders to obtain cost estimates for the equipment or facility to ensure affordability before making a final procurement decision
  • The company administration should also establish a committee or team to take responsibility for developing the company's financial plan, fund raising strategy, etc. necessary to successfully purchase the equipment or build the facility.

  • The company finance team should be prepared to work with their VCAF representative to fulfill the requirement of the VCAF loans and grants process, which has two main components: the application process and the settlement process. The two parts are fairly easy, but do require a focused attention to details.  The following bullets provide information on the application and settlement processes:

  1. The application process begins when the company decided to purchase, replace or improve firefighting and/or rescue equipment or facilities used to house firefighting equipment, and submits a VCAF application to the MSFA/VCAF Committee in accordance with applicable instructions and guidelines.  Your VCAF area representative will assist your company with the application process. The VCAF representative will review the application for completeness and will coordinate your submission with the VCAF Committee. The VCAF Committee will review your company's application to ensure completeness and compliance with governing Maryland Code and if acceptable, the Committee will obtain MSFA Executive Committee approval and then submit the application to the Maryland Military Department for Maryland State Board of Public Works (Governor, Treasurer and Comptroller) approval.
  2. The settlement process begins after the loan and/or grant application is approved by the Maryland State Board of Public Works. In order to ensure completeness and facilitate timeliness, the company's VCAF Representative will guide the company through the settlement process. The Representative will ensure that all required forms and supporting documents are complete and current prior to submitting them to the Maryland Military Department.

General Information – How to Get Started:


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